UP Congress Vice President Virendra Chaudhary Said Yogi Government Should Stop Harassment Of Congress Workers Ann | UP Congress Vice President Virendra Chaudhary said

Lucknow Virendra Chaudhary, the organization in-charge of the Uttar Pradesh Congress and the State Deputy President reached Gorakhpur. He said that the government has arrested Uttar Pradesh Congress Scheduled Caste Department Chairman Alok Prasad under undemocratic and conspiracy. He demanded that the government release him with immediate effect, otherwise he would be bound by the movement. He said that the way this government is doing is not right.

State Congress in-charge of UP Congress and State Vice-President Virendra Chaudhary said that a press conference has been called at the divisional level. He said that unless he releases Alok Prasad, he will be bound to agitate at the district level. He said that as many atrocities are being committed with Dalits in the state government, no previous government has done so. He said that Dalits are being beaten up on the road in rape, murder and on the way.

Virendra Chaudhary said that our leader is being kept in jail after being implicated in a fake case. He said that there is a problem of problems all around in UP. Farmers are being harassed by bringing the farmers bill, there is problem of unemployment with the youth, the work done by the government of Uttar Pradesh on behalf of our predecessor government, today they also got the bill to make them laborers in their own fields. Still working. At the same time, every section of society is hurt by the problem of inflation.

Congress state vice president said that there is a lot of anger among the public about the schemes of the government. They are harassing their workers. Today, due to the protocol regarding Kovid-19, their workers are silent, the farmer is committing suicide in UP. He said that he is going among the people only with policies. The BJP's government has changed the name of their policies and is looting accolades.

On the dilution of the Congress in the Bihar Assembly and UP by-elections, Virendra Chaudhary said that the result was definitely in favor of the grand alliance, which was manipulated and rigged. He said that there are 403 seats in UP. Results have been kept in 403 seats from three to four o'clock. He said that he went before the Election Commission, but the Election Commission and CBI are working at the behest of the Center. Democracy is being made fun of in this government.

During this, Amit Singh Gautam, general secretary of the Uttar Pradesh Dalit Congress Committee Scheduled Department, said that work is being done in a systematic manner to suppress the Dalits. The entire UP should be Banda, Bulandshahar, Lucknow, Meerut, Deoria and Gorakhpur. There are frequent incidents of rape with the daughters of Dalits. He said that when the Yogi government is failing, it is adopting various tactics to suppress the voice of the Congress.

Amit Singh Gautam said that Dalit Congress President Alok Prasad Pasi was becoming the voice of the Dalits. This is the reason why the BJP government has implicated him in a fake case. He said that if he is not released, then on 26 November, he will agitate at all the district headquarters. He said that even after this, if the government did not release him, then the assembly would be besieged after reaching Lucknow.

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