SSR Case CBI Grilled Rhea Chakraborty On 2nd Day Of Interrogation Asked Some Tough Questions ANN

Mumbai In 2 days, the agency has raised many tough questions from the main accused Riya Chakraborty facing CBI investigation in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput's death. The CBI did not get satisfaction even after two consecutive days of questioning and the agency called Riya for questioning for the third consecutive day. Riya is currently being questioned.

CBI questioned Riya for the second consecutive day on Saturday. During this, she kept facing the agency's questions for 7 hours and trying to answer them, but it proved to be a bit difficult for them.

The next day the CBI asked Riya these questions and Riya tried to answer them in this way –

  1. More than the amount of housing loan you took on Khar's property, you and Shawik together with Sushant spent only one Europe trip. Do you have to clarify this?
  2. What is your annual income for the last 3 years and what was the medium through it? (Projects from which the income was generated were shown and cross-verified from the bank account.)

  1. Given your income, was it difficult to maintain your lifestyle? Is that why you used to do expensive shopping often with Sushant's card? answer- Sushant used to get himself administered.

  1. Why did you have to take the PIN of Sushant's card from Miranda if Sushant himself did it? You could have asked for his PIN from Sushant himself! (No direct answer)

  1. According to your first statement, Sushant was suffering mental problems since September, so why did you not inform anyone for two months? And when he was admitted in November, his sisters got information. (Not a satisfactory answer)

  1. Who did you tell about Sushant's illness? Why not tell one of the family members?
  2. When you knew that Sushant had reached Panchkula to meet his sister in search of comfort, why did you make 25 phone calls instead of leaving him alone with your family? (Round answer)

  1. Sushant's father had expressed a desire to talk to you by messaging you. Why didn't you give them a response?
  2. Did you know that Sushant's health started deteriorating from the beginning of June? answer- Yes, Sushant was feeling uneasy for a few days.

  1. Sushant's health is poor and he was constantly getting treatment from some doctors. Who knew other than you, which medicine they had to give?
  2. While leaving home on 8 June, to whom did you tell which medicine to give Sushant and which diet to take care of?
  3. Did you know that after leaving your home, Sushant's health may worsen and there will be no one to give him medicines at that time. Can they stop taking medicine themselves?
  4. Despite being aware of their problem, you deliberately blocked their mobile number and did not contact them for the next one week to make them more restless?

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