Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot On BSP MLA Merger

Jaipur: A fresh controversy has started in Rajasthan over the merger of 6 BSP MLAs into Congress. The BSP and the BJP have filed a petition against it in the Rajasthan High Court. On Thursday, the High Court has sought a response from MLAs and Speaker CP Joshi till 11 August on the BSP's petition.

Now for this, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is constantly targeting BSP President Mayawati and BJP. He made three tweets about it today and raised questions by giving old examples.

He said, “The BJP has put forward Behenji (Mayawati) and at the behest of her, she is making rhetoric. The way the BJP is misusing CBI, ED, IT, it is intimidating, threatening, everyone knows what is happening in Rajasthan, never seen such a spectacle. She is afraid of him and is making a statement in compulsion.

Gehlot said, “BJP got 4 MPs of TDP merged in Rajya Sabha overnight, that merger is right and 6 MLAs merged in Rajasthan. That merger is wrong in Congress, then BJP's character-character- Where did the face go, I want to ask? It is right to be merged in Rajya Sabha and it is wrong to be merged here? ''

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The Chief Minister said, “In Goa, BJP took 10 of the 15 MLAs of Congress on the basis of two-thirds. 4 of 4 MPs of TDP merged with BJP in Rajya Sabha. In Rajasthan, 6 MLAs of the BSP have merged the entire party within the Congress. When BJP is getting merger then how is merger wrong here? What would you call it?

Sandeep Yadav, Wajib Ali, Deepchand Kheria, Lakhan Meena, Jogendra Awana and Rajendra Gudha won the BSP ticket in the 2018 assembly elections. All of them left the BSP and joined the Congress in September 2019. Then Mayawati targeted the Congress on this. Now they have moved the High Court against it.

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