Police Decided To Get DNA Test Of Dog In Ownership Dispute Madhya Pradesh Hoshangabad

Bhopal: A strange incident has come to light in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh. Here the police has decided to get DNA test of the dog in dispute over the ownership of a dog of Labrador breed. In fact, when two people claimed the dog and the dog also indicated to identify both, the police also fell into disarray. Now the police has decided to get the dog's DNA tested in the next phase. According to police, journalist Shadab Khan has said that he had brought the dog from the hill station Pachmarhi. At the same time, Karthik Shivhare associated with ABVP told that he had brought the dog from Babai. Both the places are in Hoshangabad district.

Inspector Hemant Srivastava, in-charge of Hoshangabad countryside station, said, “We have taken blood samples of the dog and the other dog who gave birth in Pachmarhi as per the documents kept with Shadab Khan.” The police team with samples has left for Hyderabad on Monday night for DNA test.

Missing happened in August

At the same time, Khan said that the shiny black dog, which he named Coco, went missing in August. A complaint was lodged with the police about this. However Srivastava said that there is no record of such complaint in his police station. Srivastava said that Khan called the police last week and claimed that he had seen his missing labrodor at Shivhare's house.

Dog recognizing both the claimants

After this, Shadab Khan, showing the registration number, took the dog back at that time, but on 19 November Shivhare contacted the police and said that the dog's name is Tiger and he bought it from Babai on 11 August. The officer said that since the dog was behaving to identify with both the claimants. Therefore, it has been decided to get the dog's DNA tested. He told that the dog is currently with Shivhare.

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