Pakistan PM Imran Khan Once Again Spewed Venom Against India, Cross The Diplomatic Considerations And Dignity

new Delhi: During the 75th meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, in a speech to the UN General Assembly on Friday, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan crossed all limits of dignity. The Pakistani Prime Minister's antagonism against India reached such a threshold that the Indian diplomat present at the General Assembly meeting had to walk out protesting.

Indian diplomat Mijito Vinito, who was present in the General Assembly chamber, expressed his outrage, expressing his displeasure and using derogatory language against India in the recorded speech of the Pakistani Prime Minister.

Speech of speech, personal attack, war was kept

India's permanent representative at the United Nations, TM Tirumurthy, said that the Pakistani Prime Minister's speech broke all diplomatic standards. In the form of speech, a bundle of lies, personal attacks, war was kept. Whereas Pakistan's atrocities on its minorities and cross-border terrorism were covered. This will be answered appropriately. According to sources, Indian diplomats will reply on this matter as soon as the scheduled list of speakers ends on September 25.

Imran Khan also tried his best to show himself a Muslim

Significantly, Imran Khan made personal allegations on Prime Minister Modi as well as making fabricated allegations about the situation of Muslims in India. Not only this, on the pretext of false accusations on India, Imran also tried his best to show himself as the greatest Muslim emperor. Imran described the princely state under the leadership of Prophet Mohammad in Medina as a role model for his government in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, on September 26, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will deliver his speech. However, according to sources, in Prime Minister Modi's speech, there will be questions on the global challenge like terrorism and Pakistan's role as a terrorist hideout. But instead of directly responding to the Pakistan PM, Modi will discuss the global issues according to India's stature and status.

Video: India boycotted Imran Khan's speech at UN, walkout as soon as it starts

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