Munawwar Rana Interview On France Attack Statement | Exclusive: Munawar Rana upholds statement on France attack, said

The country's well-known poet Munawar Rana recently gave a statement on the terrorist attack in France, about which he is embroiled in a lot of controversy. An FIR has also been registered against him for this. Munawar Rana had said in his statement that if someone made a dirty cartoon of a parent or a god then he would have killed him too. Munawwar Rana spoke to ABP News on this matter and gave his clarification. They said that they do not support violence of any kind.

Munawwar Rana said, “I did not support the murder of the teacher. The person who made the cartoon did it wrong, who did the murder wrong. But no such pictures or cartoons should be made that any man can come into obsession. I I do not justify passion. In the name of a religion, a hundred people kill a man under the guise of cow protection, how many punishments have been made, how many executions have been made? Give us the account

Raised the issue of honor killing

While giving clarification, Munawar Rana also raised the issue of Honor Keeling. He said, “How many people are slaughtered when they kill their foster children and girls in the name of honor killing? When Maqbool Fida Hussain painted the Goddesses, their house was burnt, the studio was burnt. And fearing that they had to flee from here. If they had been here, they would have been killed. “

Stick to your statement

Munawwar Rana said, “Those statements which accuse me, they should defend themselves, I do not need to defend anybody.” He said that he still stands by his statement. For this, he gave an example that if a child of 15-16 years comes to his house, he sees that something is wrong with his sister or mother, then he will kill the wrongdoer. What difference does it make if the government punishes him later. He said that he is not favoring anyone. It just happens. 80 percent of the murder in the world is due to this passion.

Both were not terrorists

Talking to ABP News, he said that the boy was not a terrorist. Nor do they support terrorism. There was only one student and one teacher. There were no guns, no guns.

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