Lancet Report on Air Pollution Brain Stroke Case in Delhi Arvind Kejriwal

With the change in the weather in Delhi, air pollution is increasing very fast. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has expressed concern about it and is working to improve it. But with the increasing cold, poison is being dissolved in the air. This poison is damaging the heart and lungs. But a research has come that this Delhi breeze is simultaneously having a harmful effect on our brain.

According to the medical journal 'Lancet', where the level of 2.5 PM is high, the risk of brain stroke is very high. It is clear from this report that pollution is directly affecting people's minds. Based on this report, when the doctors of Delhi did research, they found that where pollution levels in Delhi are high, there have been two and a half times more cases of brain stroke this year than last year.

Two stroke

According to doctors, due to this pollution, brain stroke disease is very dangerous. It is also giving healthy to healthy person to bed. One of the doctors told ABP News, “Stroke cases have increased since the introduction of Kovid 19. There are two types of strokes common – one in which there is bleeding in the brain. Stops. Other types of cases continue to grow after the corona virus. There are many cases where surgery is needed. “

More danger for corona infected

Doctors believe that the risk of stroke in corona virus patients is high. According to research published in the Lancet Journal, where there is more particulate matter (PM 2.5), the risk of stroke also increases. According to the audit conducted in Delhi, doctors understood that where the PM is more, the complaints of such strokes have increased more.

Solution –

Stay at home as much as possible, there is no more benefit than air purifiers.

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