Ladakh Standoff: India China 7th Round of Military Talks | Ladakh deadlock: India told China in military talks

Ladakh: There has been tension on the border between India and China for more than five months. To reduce this tension, India and China held a seventh round of military talks on Monday. In this meeting, India asked Beijing to establish the status quo before April and complete withdrawal of Chinese troops from all the points of dispute.

Sources said that the Corps Commander level talks in eastern Ladakh took place at around 12 noon in Indian territory in the Chushul area on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and continued even after half past eight.

The border dispute has entered the sixth month. The chances of quick resolution of the dispute are rarely seen. Both countries have deployed around one lakh soldiers in high altitude areas, which is ready to stand in the long deadlock.

No official statement about the talks has come, but sources said the agenda was to finalize a draft for the withdrawal of troops from all points of dispute.

The Indian delegation is led by Lieutenant General Harinder Singh, the 14th Corps commander at Leh and Naveen Srivastava, Joint Secretary for East Asia Affairs in the Ministry of External Affairs. It is believed that an official of the Chinese Foreign Ministry is also part of the Chinese delegation in the talks.

It seems China and Pakistan are creating tension on the border under a 'mission' – Rajnath Singh

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