Know Ato Z Details Of Madhya Pradesh By Election, Big Fight Between Kamal Nath And Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Bhopal: Votes are being cast today on 54 seats of assembly in 10 states, including 28 assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh. These by-elections in Madhya Pradesh will decide the future of Shivraj Singh Chauhan government. By-elections are being held in 25 seats of Madhya Pradesh due to the resignation of the sitting Congress MLAs and joining the BJP. All these MLAs are now BJP candidates, while by-elections are being held in three other seats due to the death of sitting MLAs.

This is the first time in the history of the state when simultaneous by-elections are being held for 28 seats of the 230-member assembly. A total of 355 candidates including 12 ministers of the state are in the fray in these elections. The ruling BJP has 107 MLAs and needs nine more seats for a majority, while the Congress has 87 MLAs in the House.

Shivraj hopes for majority, says Kamal Nath – will write history of election traitors

The Congress and BJP are making big claims regarding the by-elections in Madhya Pradesh. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan is expecting a majority, for which he has to win nine seats. So at the same time, former Chief Minister Kamal Nath has said that this election will write the history of traitors. Kamal Nath said, “When the history of Indian democracy is written, then there will be a page of Madhya Pradesh by-elections in which the names of the gaddars will be written in black letters.”

Speaking to ABP News, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said, “Kamal Nath has cheated the farmers and they will have to bear the consequences.” Kamal Nath made a false promise to forgive the farmers' debts, but the BJP provided money to the farmers and their families. Kamal Nath uttered abuses for Imrati Devi, whose answer will be given to her by the public. We will get a landslide victory in Madhya Pradesh by-election.

Direct contest in Congress and BJP on 24 seats

Today, among the 28 seats in which candidates' fortunes are being captured in EVMs, there are 24 seats on which there is a direct competition between Congress and BJP. The remaining four seats are witnessing a triangular fight. The pattern on which the people of Madhya Pradesh have voted in the last two assembly elections can increase BJP's difficulty. In the last two assembly elections, 23 ministers of Shivraj Singh could not save their legislature.

Everyone will keep an eye on these veterans

Among the veterans who will be seen in this election are Rajyavardhan Singh Dattigaon, Aindal Singh Kansana, Bisahulal Singh, Girraj Dandotia, OPS Bhadauria, Suresh Dhakad, Brijendra Singh Yadav, Govind Singh Rajput, Prabhu Ram Chaudhary, Imarti Devi, Pradyuman Singh Tomar, Hardeep Singh Dung, Imarti Devi and Mahendra Singh Sisodia. After the statement containing the items of Kamal Nath, Imrati Devi was very much discussed. Jyotiraditya Scindia, the seat of Imrati Devi, is considered a battle of prestige. He had also said in a rally that Jyotiraditya Scindia himself is contesting elections from this, not Imrati Devi.

1.5 million young voters will press EVM's button for the first time

The number of young voters in 28 seats of Madhya Pradesh is very high. According to the data, 1.5 lakh young voters will use their franchise for the first time in these 28 seats. On the other hand, the elderly voters who are more than 80 years old will also decide the fate of the candidates based on their experience. Talking about the total number of voters, 63 lakh voters will decide the fate of the candidates. Of these, Gwalior East seat has the maximum number of 3.12 lakh voters, while Anuppur has the least 1.59 lakh voters.

Tremendous preparations for the Election Commission in the Coron period

Looking at the Corona period, the Election Commission has also made very special preparations for the by-election in Madhya Pradesh. 60 lakh masks, 1.95 lakh face shield, 87 thousand liter sanitizer, 60 lakh gloves have been distributed to the election officials. Along with this, instructions have been given to keep all the security measures of Corona with social distancing at the booth. According to the Commission's guide line, if the temperature of a voter is higher than the standard, then his vote will be called in the last hour.

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