Indian Army Opens Warning Shots On Chinese Army When They Trying To Cross LAC | LAC firing India warning, Chinese army accused

new Delhi: China is not deterring its trickery on the Ladakh border. But now the Indian Army has also made up its mind to give an answer. According to the information, to prevent infiltration of Chinese army LAC, the Indian Army has been firing to give warning. The incident is south of Pangong Lake in Ladakh.

The Western Command of the Chinese Army has alleged that the Indian Army has opened fire on a troop of Chinese soldiers patrolling. In response to this, the Chinese army has also retaliated. But sources in the Indian Army have clearly said that India only fired to warn to prevent infiltration of LAC.

The official statement of the Indian Army on this incident is yet to come. The situation will be cleared only after the official statement. The army is currently assessing the situation. But the Indian Army has made it clear by firing the threat that if China will make any snowfall then the army's preparations are strong.

What did the Western Command of the Chinese Army say about the incident?

On behalf of the Indian Army, the Vestern Command of the Chinese Army has issued a statement on Warning Fire. A spokesman for the Western Command said in his statement, “The Indian Army intruded into the God Pow Mountain area. During the operation, the Indian Army threatened with firing. Chinese troops were forced to retaliate to normalize the situation. This move of India has broken the agreements between India and China, which increased tensions in the region and increased the scope of misunderstanding. This is a very dangerous military provocation. ”The Chinese newspaper Global Times has also accused Indian soldiers of firing.

For the first time in 45 years, LAC firing incident occurred

For the first time in 45 years, LAC has been fired due to Chinese antics. The last firing on LAC was in 1975 in Arunachal Pradesh. In the last firing too, China had targeted the Indian Army contingent. In which Indian soldiers were killed.

The Indian Army did not fire even after 20 soldiers were martyred in the skirmish in the Glavan Valley on the night of 15 June. This clearly shows that the answers of the Indian Army follow the diplomatic agreements very sincerely. On the other hand, the attempt of infiltration by Chinese soldiers suggests that they do not accept such agreements at all.

The boundary situation cannot be seen as different from the state of relations- Jaishankar

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said on Monday that the situation on the border with China cannot be seen separately from the state of overall relations with the neighboring country. The External Affairs Minister termed the situation in East Ladakh as 'very serious' and said that in such a situation 'very deep deliberation' is needed at the political level between the two sides. He was addressing a dialogue session of the English daily Indian Express.

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