Farmers Will Do Bharat Band Today Against Agricultural Bills, Highways and Railroads May Be Disrupted

Chandigarh: Apart from the opposition parties on the issue of Kisan Bills, about 250 small and big farmer organizations in the country have set up to make the 25th September nationwide bandh a success. There is a lot of anger among farmers in many states about these bills. In view of this, the Central and State Governments are making large-scale police arrangements.

According to farmer leaders, national highways and rail routes can be blocked between this police settlement. If the government takes any step like stopping them or using force on the farmers, then the Center and the concerned state government will have to bear the brunt of it.

In protest against the three agricultural bills passed in the Parliament, the National Spokesperson of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, Ch. Rakesh Tikait said that the government is intoxicated by the majority. From today, farmers will jam all over the country to protest against the bills passed in Afra-Tafri by ignoring the rules in Rajya Sabha. The Indian Farmers Union has also given it the name of Kisan Curfew.

Main objections of farmers union

1- Bills passed without discussion in Rajya Sabha. The first unfortunate incident in the history of the Parliament of the country is that while passing the three agricultural bills related to the Annadata, neither did any discussion nor any MP was given the right to question it. Tikait said that it is a dark day in the chapter on democracy in India.

2- If the MPs of the country do not have the right to ask questions then why is the government wasting 20000 crores rupees of the public's income by creating a new parliament in the time of epidemic?

3- Today the government of the country wants to take away the right of support price of farmers from the backdoor. Due to which the farmer of the country will be ruined.

4- Mandi system of the country will be ended due to no charge on purchases outside the market. The government will gradually withdraw its hand from purchasing the crop.

5- Farming of the country cannot be strengthened except the market handover to the farmer. Its results have also been found in the form of the World Trade Organization in the past.

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