Exclusive read, complete statement given by Siddharth Pithani to Sushant Singh Rajput to CBI ANN

Siddharth Pithani's statement is considered to be the most important in the Sushant case. The CBI has been continuously questioning Pithaani for the last three days. Siddharth Peethani's statement to the investigating agency EXCLUSIVELY is with ABP News. You can also read it here…

Complete statement by Sidharth Peethani

“I am staying with Sushant Singh Rajput from 20 January 2020 at the address of Mount Blanc above Siddharth Peethani. Originally I am a resident of Hyderabad. My father does logo designing and graphics printing from home. Due to my interest in film animation, I have taken FVC training from National Institute of Design. The course ended in the year 2019 and I used to work for freelancing along with studies.

In the year 2017, I started working in a company called Sacred Fig Design. Here I used to work in video designing, direction. In connection with work, when I went to Jaipur in the year 2018, I met Ayush Sharma. Even after leaving Jaipur, I kept in touch with Ayush. Ayush and Sushant Singh Rajput were good friends. Ayush told me that he would give me a good job in Mumbai and also make all my arrangements.

I reached Mumbai alone from Jaipur on April 2019. Ayush arranged for me to stay in a hotel in Bandra. After reaching Mumbai, I contacted Ayush, he told me to go to Sushant's house of Capri Heights the other day. On the second day, along with Ayush went to Sushant's house. Sushant's house then had Dipesh Sawant, Samuel Hawkis, Abbas, Keshav and two other men working at home.

Sushant lived on the 15-16 floor of the building. There were 5 bedrooms, 2 halls and an elevator. In that meeting, we discussed Sushant's Dream 150 project. Sushant, Akansha, Ayush and I were to work in this project. This project was created to work on dreams like social service, child education, women's industry, computer education for blind children, software training, playing matches with Roger Federer and Dhoni. After this meeting I was told that I will not get money for this work but Sushant will take all our care.

While staying at the Jostel Hotel, one day I, Sushant, Ayush Sharma, Akansha, Akansha's sister, her friend, Sushant's sister Priyanka, her husband Siddharth, Riya, Riya's friend, Cook Keshav and two other people at the farm house in Pavana Lake Went to party After staying here for three to four days, we returned. Riya and Sushant's sister Priyanka had a fight at the farm house. At that time Sushant supported Riya. Due to which, two or three times after coming to Mumbai, Priyanka and her husband left Sushant's house. Sushant then asked me and Ayush to stay at his house.

While living there, I came to know that Sushant's sister Priyanka did not treat the servants properly. For this reason, Abbas and Dipesh Sawant left the job. While living there, I used to do video editing and other work given by Sushant. We used to go to Bandra's house for a few days and work on Lonavala's farm.

At Sushant's house at Capri Heights, he had the impression of being a ghost haunted. Sushant wanted to leave this house. Sushant often felt that someone lived in the guest house of that house. When Riya and her brother Shovik came to live there, they also felt such things. For these reasons Sushant started thinking of leaving the house of Capri Heights.

A person named Samyul Hawkip also lived at Sushant's house. He used to take care of Sushant's house. One day Sushant asked Samyul about the house expenses, he could not give it, on which Sushant told him. After this, Samyul left home and left. Sushant also became unhappy. Then in June 2019, I, Sushant, Riya, Akansha, Anandi, Ayush and Ayush's friend Himanshu went to Ladakh. After this, Sushant replaced Anandi as his celebrity manager in place of Akansha.

Sushant did not feel right at home after coming from Ladak. Because of this, he started living with Riya at Water Stone Resort in Mumbai. Sushant had taken the membership of this club. They both used to do swimming, tennis, bandminton, gym there. Sushant was also spending more time with us at his farm house in Pavana Lake. In this way Sushant used to spend a lot on us. During this, Sushant had done additions like Tyton, Bata. I used to be a body guard, Sahil and manager with Sushant at work.

During August and September 2019, Sushant's attention was diverted from work. He started spending more time with his friend Riya. He also started moving away from his dream project 150 Dream. He often resided at Water Stone Resort. Meanwhile, Riya and Sushant planned to travel to Switzerland, France and other countries for their Europe Dream Project. For this tour, Sushant decided not to take anyone else with him, due to which, Ayush went back to stay at the Jostel Hotel. A few days later I too went to live with Ayush. My father called me and told me that running home has become difficult because of not running the business. My father asked me for money. I went to my home in Hyderabad on October 2019 to help my father. While going, I told Sushant that I will return soon after I have done everything right in Hyderabad. Five days after reaching Hyderabad, I got a Creative Direct job at Enovara India Company and was offered 45000 months salary. I started working in this company in Ahmedabad. That's when I saw pictures of Sushant and Riya's Europe tour on Instagram.

On January 2020, I got a call from Sushant again, Sushant told me that he is going to quit acting and start working on the Dream 150 project again. I told Sushant the circumstances of my home and the reason for doing the job. Sushant said that he will give me salary for work. Also Sushant told me that his situation is not right at the moment, he needs to be with me. I immediately reached Mumbai Sushant's house from Ahmedabad. When I reached Sushant's bedroom, Sushant started hugging me and crying. Weeping, she told me that she is going to sell everything in the house except acting and live on Pavana's farm. With this, Sushant told that now the budget of the monthly expenses of the house is to be met only in 30000. Sushant further said that he is going to do farming in Pavana's farm house.

Sushant asked me to stay in the room near his bedroom and also told that in three days Dipesh is also going to stay with me there. When I asked Sushant about Riya, Sushant wept me and told me that he left all. On this, I kept calm with Sushant by asking him to take care of him. When I questioned Sushant's house manager Miranda about Riya, Miranda told that Riya used to shop with Sushant's card. I was asked to sell household items. House managers Miranda and Shrishti Modi, both of them would reach Sushant's house at 10 am and go back at 6 pm. Two days later Dipesh also came to stay at Sushant's house.

A few days later Riya returned to Sushant's house. At this time Riya told me that from now onwards, she and Dipesh will take care of Sushant together. In the last week of January, Sushant told me that he wanted to go to his sister's house in Chandigarh for a month. After this, Sushant, body guard Sahil Sagar and sister of Sushant, Mitu, left the Range Rover and reached there three days later. During this journey, we stayed in hotels in Ahmedabad and Gurgaon. While staying in Gurgaon, Sushant had trouble breathing, he was in tension and felt nervous. Then I gave the medicine given by Dr. Kersey Chavda to Sushant and he started feeling fine.

The other day, Sushant's Chandigarh sister Neetu called me home and took all the information about Sushant. I told them everything. I showed Neetu Didi the complete information and medicines given by Dr. Kersey Chavda and we went to stay in the guest house. The next day Sushant called me and called me back to Mumbai and called me home. When I reached Neetu Didi's house, Sushant was feeling very well. Neetu Didi asked me to take care of Sushant's health and then I, Sushant and body guard left for Mumbai.

After coming to Mumbai, I used to give medicines given by Dr. Kersey Chavda to Sushant at the time. Sushant also started regular workouts. Sushant started feeling as good as before. After this Sushant started living with Riya. At the same time, director Anand Gandhi and company Jaffrey offered the film to Sushant.

Sushant was feeling fine, so he said to stop the medicine. Then I advised them not to stop the medicine suddenly. Sushant's health started deteriorating again in the last week of April. He started staying away from us but Riya was with him then. Sushant's health deteriorated further in the first week of June. He started living alone in the room, even stopped talking with us. So we all left Riya and Sushant alone. Riya was with Sushant throughout the lockdown.

At 11.30 am on June 8, Riya filled her bag and started leaving the house. Riya asked me to take care of Sushant. At that time Sushant hugged Riya and showed her bye. After some time Sushant's sister Mitu reached home. Mitu Didi was urging Sushant to eat food but Sushant did not eat much. She was trying to get Sushant to mix with us but Sushant did not show interest. When Mitu didi was at home, Sushant used to remember old things and cry.

At the same time Sushant received news of Disha's death. Sushant became restless after hearing this news. After that Sushant started talking to Uday, the manager of a company called Corner Stone. Due to a leg injury from Shrishti Modi, this company sent Disha for a few days to see the work of Sushant's celebrity manager. Sushant had become very tense after the news of Sushant's assistant manager's suicide coming everywhere after Disha's suicide on 9 June. Due to this tension, Sushant asked me to sleep with him in the bedroom that night and told him about the moment of death of Disha. I kept giving all the information about that matter to Sushant. Then the other day Sushant asked me to delete his old videos, recordings, and data.

On June 12, Mitu remembered her daughter and went back to her home. I arranged for the car for them. On June 13, I helped Sushant in filling the bill. That night Sushant slept after drinking mango juice without eating food.

On June 14, between 10-10.30 in the morning, I came to the hall and started working on the system. Around 10.30 pm, Keshav told me that Sushant sir was not opening the door. I told this thing to Dipesh. We both knocked on the door but Sushant did not open the door. That's when I got a call from Mitu Didi. He said that I called Sushant and the ring rang but he was not picking up the phone. We also told them that we are also trying, but they are not opening the door.

I called Mitu Didi home. I told Dipesh to call the watchman and call the key-seller but the watchman did not help properly. Then I took out the number of Rafiq Chawiwale from Google and contacted him at 1.06 minutes. He asked me two thousand rupees. On Rafik's suggestion, I sent him the lock's photo and home address on WhatsApp. Then I called Mitu Didi and gave information about calling the key seller. They told me to reach home soon. At 1.20 minutes, Rafiq reached there with one of his companions. Seeing the lock, he said not to make the key, then I asked him to break the lock. Rafiq broke the lock in a few minutes. I asked him to give two thousand rupees.

After this, Dipesh and I went to Sushant's room. The room was dark, Dipesh lit the light of the room, so we found Sushant hanging on the fan with a green cloth. Sushant's feet were next to the bed when I told this to Mitu Didi. Then I called 108 from my phone and informed about the incident.

Soon after this I got a call from Neetu Didi from Chandigarh, I gave her all the information, she immediately disconnected my phone. I got a call from him again. When Neetu Didi asked me about Sushant, I told him that Sushant is hanging and he has died. On the phone, I heard the voice of OP Singh, brother-in-law of Sushant, he told us to take Sushant down. Neetu didi also said the same. Then I asked Neeraj to get the knife, I cut the cloth on the neck of Sushant with a knife, then I and Dipesh climbed on the bed and laid Sushant down on the bed.

At the same time, Mitu Didi arrived there, he asked me what Sushant is alive and asked me to put Sushant properly on the bed. Then I, Dipesh and Niraj put Sushant properly on the bed. Removed the cloth around Sushant's neck. We tried to give CPR to Sushant but he did not give any response. After that the Bandra Police reached. “

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