Covid19 India Recovery Rate And Mortality Rate Is Ray Of Hope In The Fight Against Corona ANN

new Delhi: India ranks second among countries affected by the Corona epidemic. India is at number three in terms of number of deaths due to Kovid 19. But there is a relief news that India's recovery rate is constantly getting better. At the same time, the number of patients recovering against newly infected patients has been increasing continuously for the last few days.

In the last twenty-four hours, 92,043 corona-infected patients have recovered in India, while 88,600 new infection cases have been reported, while 1,124 patients have died. The total number of corona infected patients in India is 59,92,532 while so far 94,503 patients have died due to infection. There are 9,56,402 active cases in India while 49,41,627 patients have been cured so far.

There are frequent cases of corona infection in India, but it is a matter of relief that the number of people recovering from infection is also increasing continuously. For the last few days, the number of patients recovering from persistent infection is more than new cases.

– On September 19, where 93,337 new cases were reported, 95,880 patients were cured.
– On September 22, where 75,083 new cases have been reported while 1,01,468 patients have been cured of infection.
– On September 26, where 85,362 new cases have been reported and 93,420 patients have fully recovered from infection.

In India, the recovery rate of infection is also increasing.

– On July 6, the recovery rate was 60.85%.
– On August 1, the recovery rate was 64.52%.
– On 20 August, the recovery rate was 73.90%.
– On September 1, the recovery rate was 76.93%.
– On September 11, the recovery rate was 77.65%.
.- On 20 September, the recovery rate was 79.68%,
– On September 27, the rate increased to 82.46%.

Constant recovery rate means that the rate of recovery from infection is increasing while the death rate is decreasing. The death rate in India on September 27 is 1.58%. At the same time, in India where patients are recovering from infections, active cases i.e. those who are being treated are also decreasing. On September 19, there were 10,13,964 active cases. At the same time, on September 24, the active cases were 9,66,382. By 27 September, the number was reduced further and the total number of active cases increased to 9,56,402. That is, the number of people recovering every day is increasing and active cases are decreasing.

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