Coronavirus Mortality In India Declines To 2.38 Per Cent

new Delhi: The number of people who have been healthy with Kovid-19 for the third consecutive day in the country has reached a record high of 34,602 in a 24-hour period, which increased the rate of healthy people to 63.45 percent. The Union Health Ministry gave this information on Friday. The ministry said that the death rate due to infection has come down to 2.38 percent.

As the number of cases of corona virus infection in the country reached 12.87 lakhs, the ministry said in the latest figures released at 8 am that the total number of healthy people has increased to 8,17,208, while at present there are 4,40,135 people infected in the country. .

According to the data, the maximum number of 49,310 cases of infection has been registered in India in a single day, while the death toll has increased to 30,601 after 740 new cases of deaths due to infection.

The ministry said that the number of people recovering from the infection has increased to 3,77,073 more than the number of patients undergoing treatment due to continuous increase in the number of people getting healthy.

A total of 1,54,28,170 samples have been tested till July 23 in the country. On Thursday, 3,52,801 samples were tested. The ministry said, “In this context, there are 11,179.83 investigations per million people in India, in which there is a steady increase.”

The Ministry said that the Central Expert teams are strengthening the efforts of States and Union Territories in dealing with Corona virus infection. He said, “The efforts made with the dedication of health workers are improving the health rate of the people and the mortality rate is steadily decreasing which is currently 2.38 percent”.

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