Coronavirus: 1,043 Prisoners And 302 Prison Staff Infected In Maharashtra So Far, Six Prisoners Die From Infection

New Delhi The spread of deadly corona virus is spreading fast in the country. So far more than 26 lakh 47 thousand people have been found infected with this dangerous virus, out of which more than 19 lakh people have been cured after treatment. Recently a news has come out from Maharashtra. So far, more than 1043 prisoners and 302 prison staff have been found infected with the corona virus. At the same time, most cases of corona in India have also been reported from Maharashtra.

1043 prisoners received infection

In fact, the state prison department in Maharashtra has released a report. It has been told that so far 1,043 prisoners and 302 prison staff have been found infected with the Corona virus in the state jails. Along with this, it has been told in this report that 6 prisoners have also died due to corona infection.

More than 4 lakh treatment successful in Maharashtra

Maharashtra has seen the highest number of corona cases in the country. Talking about the figures of corona infection, Maharashtra comes first in the country. At the same time, most active cases of corona are also in Maharashtra. Currently, 1 lakh, 58 thousand, 705 corona-infected patients are undergoing treatment in Maharashtra. At the same time, treatment of 4 lakh, 17 thousand, 123 people with corona infection has been successful.

Corona figures reached 26 million

The infection of corona continuously spreading in the country so far has made 26 lakh, 47 thousand, 664 people a victim. However, out of this, 19 lakh, 19 thousand, 842 people have been saved from infection after treatment. At the same time, 50,921 people have lost their lives due to Corona. Currently 6 lakh, 76 thousand, 900 infected people are being treated.

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