Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Slams BJP Govt For FIR Against Protesting Farmers

new Delhi. Demonstration of farmers running in protest against agricultural laws brought by the central government has reached Delhi. Earlier there was a lot of effort to stop farmers in Haryana. An FIR was also registered on many farmers. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has condemned the Modi government and said that Jai was a farmer for us, is and will remain.

Let us know that the agitation against the new agricultural laws of the central government is going on. The farmers spent the night on the Indus border. The farmers are still there. He has now decided that he will not withdraw from the Indus border. At the same time, Delhi Police has issued advisory for the passengers. Delhi Police said that the Indus border is still closed from both sides. Please choose an alternate route.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has made a strong comment on the manner in which the farmers' protest was tried to stop it. Rahul Gandhi has criticized the Modi government's attitude towards farmers in a tweet.

Rahul Gandhi said, 'Raising voice against justice is not a crime, a duty. The Modi government cannot change the strong intentions of the farmers with the help of the police's false FIR. This fight will continue till the end of the anti-agricultural black laws. For us, 'Jai Kisan' was, is and will be '

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