Chinese President Xi Jinping Says PLA Marines To Focus On Preparing To Go To War | Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered soldiers, said

Beeching: Blood has passed over the head of China who has grabbed the land of another. Chinese President Xi Jinping has asked his army to be ready for war. Xi Jinping said this during a visit to a military base in Guangdong area of ​​China. Xi Jinping told the soldiers to be ready for the war and to always be in a state of high alert.

According to the report of South China, Xi Jinping told the soldiers in his statement, 'You should put your mind and all your energy towards preparing for war. Also, you should focus on preparing for war in your training. Increase your training standards and combat capability.

The border dispute between India and China has entered the sixth month. India and China have deployed nearly one lakh soldiers in the high altitude areas, which are ready to stand in the long deadlock. Indian soldiers captured several strategically important heights on the southern bank of the Pangong River on the night of 29 and 30 August, which has greatly strengthened the position of the Indian Army there. The Indian Army has launched tanks and other heavy weapons at the border in response to the Chinese Army. Adequate arrangements have been made for fuel, food and winters.

There was no concrete result in the seventh round meeting which lasted 13 hours

There was no concrete result in the meeting of the Corps Commander level of India and China on Monday, except that the two countries want to further the dialogue so that disengagement can be done at the LAC at the earliest. But in the meantime, China has raised its grudge on infrastructure development in the border areas of India.

After a meeting that lasted for nearly 13 hours, the two countries issued a joint press release on Tuesday, saying that the two sides had a detailed discussion on disengagement in the western sector of the India-China border (on the LAC adjacent to eastern Ladakh).

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