Can Coronavirus Infection Spread By Notes ICMR Gave This Answer

Indore: As the Kovid-19 outbreak continues in the country, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has responded to an RTI application that it does not have information about the possibility of spreading the epidemic through currency notes. Neemuch's RTI activist Chandrashekhar Gaur said on Wednesday that he had sought detailed information from ICMR under the Right to Information (RTI) on whether corona virus infection could be spread through currency notes as well.

According to Gaur, he was replied to on this question on 16 November (Monday), “Information sought is not available with ICMR”. However, ICMR's reply came at a time when Kovid-19 cases in the country 89 Has reached beyond lakh. However, with over 83 lakh people getting infection-free, the recovery rate of patients has been 93.52 percent.

Significantly, ever since the outbreak of Kovid-19 in the country, business organizations have been expressing doubts about the spread of Kovid-19 through currency notes, demanding the government to clarify the situation.

Corona's position in the country

In the last 24 hours, there have been 38 thousand 617 new cases of corona virus epidemic in the country. At the same time, 474 people have died. So far 89 lakh 12 thousand 908 cases of corona virus have been registered in the country. However, due to the steadily increasing cases in many countries of Europe and America, corona cases are getting less in India.

According to the latest data of the Health Ministry, one lakh 30 thousand 993 people have died due to Corona virus so far in the country. Now four lakh 46 thousand 805 people are being treated in the country. At the same time, 83 lakh 35 thousand 110 people have been cured of this epidemic so far. Yesterday, 44 thousand 739 people recovered and went to their home.

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