Bihar Elections 2020: BJP Leader Rameshwar Chaurasia Joins Chirag Paswan LJP ANN

Patna: First Rajendra Singh and then Rameshwar Chaurasia. In Bihar, both BJP's Khanty leaders like Chirag Paswan. They have now gone to the Lok Janshakti Party. Both leaders wanted to contest on the BJP ticket. But the leaf was cut. Usha Vidyarthi, a BJP MLA, has also met Chirag in Delhi. All these will now contest against JDU. The way BJP rebel leaders are going to Chirag's camp. This is a dangerous trend. Political pundits believe that Nitish Kumar can be directly damaged.

Now, in Bihar, Nitish is not yours, Modi understand the game of not hating you. Chirag Paswan is out of NDA in Bihar. But they are together in Delhi. Chirag has already said that his party will contest against JDU. But will not give a candidate against BJP. In Bihar, the factionalism of the big leaders of BJP has cut the tickets of many leaders. Some of them are leaders who have grown up in the BJP and the Sangh. Worked for the party for years. Just like Rajendra Singh was the organization minister of Jharkhand.

This is considered a very important position in the party. He will contest from Dinara seat of Rohtas district. In such a situation, BJP workers and supporters will support them. There is great scope for this. If this happens then Rajendra Singh may not win the election. But JDU candidate Jai Singh's game can definitely spoil it. The same applies to Rameshwar Chaurasia. He was an MLA from Nokha many times. He was the Union Minister of BJP. Remained co-incharge of U.P. These are the same leaders who vowed not to marry till they won the election. Chaurasia's seat went to JDU's account in the alliance. He took the ticket from Chirag Paswan without delay. BJP national president JP Nadda called him up and asked him not to do so. But they did not agree. Chaurasia said that because of Deputy CM Sushil Modi, he had to leave the party.

He has been among the BJP workers in Nokha for the last twenty five years. Now if they get the support of such people against JDU in elections, then it is no surprise. In such a situation, the loss of JDU is certain. Usha Vidyarthi from Paliganj in Patna will contest from Lok Janshakti Party this time. She has been a BJP MLA from this seat. Now they win or lose in the elections but the votes will be cut by JDU only. Now if close to fifty such sixty leaders enter the electoral arena, what will happen then?

There is tension inside the JDU and BJP on this matter. BJP has to be cleaned every day with regard to Chirag Paswan. The JDU leader is not yet clear on this issue. But there is no smoke without fire. Anyway, this is not what it looks like in politics. RJD MP Manoj Jha says that amazing coincidence and experimentation is going on in Bihar elections. It is clear to every Bihari that the BJP is sharing in two alliances. Directly in one and indirectly in the other. It is not possible that without the tacit consent of the top leadership of the BJP, their big leaders take shelter in the hut keeping Kamal in their hearts. JDU leader Ajay Alok says that Chirag Paswan is Tejashwi Yadav's B team.

Chirag Paswan is out of NDA in Bihar. BJP, JDU, Jitan Ram Manjhi and Mukesh Sahni have a coalition of parties. The BJP has denied Chirag to use the photo of PM Modi in the election campaign. But despite such bitterness and mistrust, Ram Vilas Paswan remains a minister in the Modi government. That is why BJP is facing accusations of targeting Nitish Kumar by placing a gun on Chirag's shoulder.

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