Bihar Election: Sushil Modi Admitted – Chirag Paswan Harms NDA, There Is No Doubt About Nitish Becoming CM ANN

After the election results of the Bihar Legislative Assembly are out, the picture is clear that the NDA will once again take over the power of Bihar. The NDA has 3 seats more than the majority, but Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi says that, if Chirag Paswan's LJP had not done politics of cutting votes, then 150 to 160 seats could have come in favor of NDA. At the same time, after BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal, who is playing the role of elder brother in NDA, now Sushil Modi, who was the Deputy Chief Minister in Bihar, has also made it clear that Nitish Kumar will be the face of the NDA Chief Minister's post and there are some opinions in this matter. Is not.

Exit poll trend increased restlessness

It is worth noting that Sushil Modi, who was the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar in the previous government, during a conversation with ABP News clearly said that, “After the exit poll trends, there was definitely a bit of disappointment among the workers and leaders. Because according to the party's assessment, the NDA was easily crossing the majority mark. But when the Grand Alliance showed a huge edge in the exit poll, there was some uneasiness with it, yet there was a belief that the NDA would form a comfortable government and the results have come in our favor. ”

LJP is not part of NDA

However, Sushil Modi said clearly about the candidate fielded by Chirag Paswan's party, Lok Janshakti Party and the loss to NDA due to him, that if the LJP had not fielded such a candidate, then the figure of NDA would have been 150 to 160 seats. NDA has lost at least 25 to 30 seats due to Yani Chirag Paswan. Sushil Modi bluntly said that the LJP is not part of the NDA in Bihar, what will be its role in the Center, this central leadership will decide.

Nitish Kumar will be the NDA CM candidate

Sushil Modi, who was the Deputy Chief Minister in the Nitish government, has once again made it clear that Nitish Kumar is the NDA CM candidate and he will take the oath of Chief Minister. Sushil Modi said clearly that, along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, then BJP President Amit Shah and current National President JP Nadda have also repeatedly reiterated that Nitish Kumar is the face of NDA Chief Minister. So there is no doubt that the Chief Minister's post can go to someone else. At the same time, on the demand of Bihar workers and local leaders to make BJP's chief minister, Sushil Modi bluntly said that senior party leaders and not the workers make this decision. Senior party leaders have already decided that there will be Chief Minister Nitish Kumar from NDA, so there is no question of discussing this thing.

Congress MP Digvijay Singh targeted

Commenting on the tweet made by Congress MP Digvijay Singh on Nitish Kumar, Sushil Modi said that Digvijay Singh could not save his government in Madhya Pradesh and talk about Bihar. Modi said that Digvijay Singh should first focus on his own state, where his government went out of his hands, in such a situation, what will Digvijay Singh say about Bihar !!

NDA government will take oath in Bihar again

On the formation of the new government, Sushil Modi has made it clear that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP National President JP Nadda and JDU President Nitish Kumar will decide to form the new government. At the moment, it is too early to speculate that the BJP is now in the role of the elder brother, it will be hasty because the final decision will be decided only after talks between Nitish Kumar and the Prime Minister. But one thing is clear that the NDA government is taking oath in Bihar once again.

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