Bihar Election: PM Modi Said- The Country Will Not Back Down On The Decisions Of Article 370 And Agriculture Laws | Bihar election: PM Modi said – The country will not back down on the decisions of Article 370 and 3 laws related to agriculture.

Bihar Election: Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has taken up the task of ensuring the NDA's victory in the Bihar Assembly elections. In this connection, he started campaigning for Bihar from today. PM Modi today addressed election rallies in Sasaram, Gaya and Bhagalpur. During this time, he took on the opposition on many issues including Article 370 and agriculture regulations. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar was also present on the stage with the PM.

10 big things about PM's address-

1- Addressing his first election rally in Bihar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi strongly criticized the opposition's stance, including the Congress on Article-370 and three new laws related to agriculture, and said that the country will not back down from its decisions. Modi alleged that when the opposition parties could not do anything for the farmers, now they are constantly lying to the farmers and nowadays these people are spreading rumors about the minimum support price (MSP) while the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) The government has taken action to increase the MSP.

2- He said that if the country has decided to liberate farmers from middlemen and brokers, then they are openly in favor of middlemen and brokers. Taking a dig at the opposition, he said, “Mandi and minimum support price is an excuse, actually brokers and middlemen have to be saved.”

3- Modi said that when the work of giving money directly to the bank account of the farmers started before the Lok Sabha elections, how did they spread confusion? Attacking Congress indirectly, he said that even when Rafale planes were purchased, they were speaking the language of middlemen and brokers. He said that it is the NDA government which implemented the recommendation of giving MSP to farmers one and a half times of the cost and put a lot of emphasis on both government procurement centers and government procurement.

4- Taking a dig at the opposition parties, including the Congress, he said that compared to when these people were in government, the government procurement of paddy in Bihar has increased four times and government procurement of wheat has increased five times. He said, “They do not have an answer till date, when they were in government, why didn't they decide on the MSP?” He said, “Whenever, intermediaries and brokers get hit, then they go daze, they get dazed. Today the situation has become such that these people do not hesitate to support the people who are plotting to weaken India.

5- The Prime Minister said, “The country had been waiting for years to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir? We took this decision, the NDA government took it. ”He accused the opposition that today these people are talking about reversing this decision and saying that Article-370 will be implemented again if they come to power. Modi said, “I want to tell Bihar, the land of jawans and farmers, that these people take help from whomever they want, but the country will not back down from its decisions.”

6- Reminding the people of Bihar of the rule of the erstwhile Bihar government led by Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), Modi said that the people of Bihar cannot forget the days when the sun was setting, everything was stopped, everything was stopped. He said that in those days, there were day-to-day robberies under the supervision of government runners, murders and extortion. Modi said that today there is electricity, there are roads, there are lights and the biggest thing is the atmosphere in which the ordinary citizen of the state can live without fear, can live and it is called moving from darkness to light.

7- Questioning RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav's promise of 10 lakh jobs, Modi said that those people who always considered each government job as a means of earning lakhs of crores of rupees, are again looking at Bihar in a seductive manner. Modi said, “Today the generation in Bihar may have changed, but the youth of Bihar have to remember who was going to put Bihar in so much trouble?”

8- Targeting the opposition, the Prime Minister said that Bihar is the place where the seeds of democracy were sown. Can development and democratic values ​​ever flourish in Jungle Raj? He said, “Bihar deserves corruption-free governance. Who will ensure this? People involved in corruption themselves or people fighting corruption?

9- The Prime Minister said that now the NDA government is paying full attention to education, health, home for them, employment for tribal children. Modi said, “One thing that is very good among the people of Bihar is their clarity. They do not live under any illusion. ”He said that the people of Bihar have made up their mind, have decided that those whose history is to make Bihar sick, will not let them go around.

10- The Prime Minister said that as many surveys are being done, as many reports are coming, it is coming in everyone that once again the National Democratic Alliance government is going to be formed in Bihar.

Let us know that Bihar Assembly elections will be held in three phases, on 28 October (71 seats), 3 November (94 seats) and 7 November (78 seats). The counting of votes will take place on 10 November.

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