Ayodhya Ram Janm Bhoomi Pujan: Ram Lalla Should Get The Place Deserved: Yogi Adityanath | Ayodhya Ram Janm Bhoomi Pujan: We were optimistic that this was to happen, we had facts, evidence

In a special conversation with ABP News, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said, “Today is important for me in both ways. As a chief minister. The democratic way is the end of a long-running dispute. Being a Ram devotee was important to me, as many generations are involved in it. I was associated with both expressions. Today, India has shown a mirror to the people of the world. The problem is solved in a constitutional way.

He said, “Ram is everywhere. No need to find them. But they should get that place. It is the birthplace. Many of our generations were connected. We were optimistic because we were involved in the movement and we had full hope.

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