Army Told News of Chinese Army Occupation on Finger 2 and 3 Fake, News Based on Statement of Former Ladakh MP Ann

new Delhi: The army has dismissed media reports in which it was said that the Chinese army has reached Finger areas 2 and 3, intruding more on the LAC. This report was based on the statement of a former MP from Ladakh. But not only the army but also the official PIB fact-check site of the government has quoted this news as fake by the army.

Actually, there has been a situation of confrontation between India and China on the LAC adjacent to eastern Ladakh for the last six months. The confrontation started from the Finger area just north of Pangong-tso Lake, when the Chinese army came and captured Finger 4. There was fierce fighting and stonewalling between the Indian and Chinese soldiers on this occupation on 5-6 May. The video of this quarrel also went viral in which Indian soldiers were seen chasing Chinese soldiers and Chinese soldiers left their vehicles in Finger 4 and ran away on the high mountains. Finger 4 is a very large area where the Chinese Army had also set up a camp.

After the May 5-6 fiasco, India had asked the Chinese Army to withdraw from Finger 4 in the Corps Commander level talks. The Chinese army removed its camp from finger number 4 but left some of its soldiers on the ridge line of Finger 4 so that they could monitor the jurisdiction of India. India has a permanent outpost at finger number 2, on which the ITBP personnel are stationed. This post is also known as Thansingh Thapa Post.

Even after several meetings, when the Chinese soldiers did not withdraw from the ridge line of Finger 4, on the night of 29-30 August, Indian soldiers also climbed to another ridge line of Finger number 4. In such a situation, the positions of the soldiers of India and China became absolutely i-ball to i-ball.

India's claim is till Finger 8 and that is the reason why Indian soldiers had been patrolling till Finger 8 before May. However, the Chinese Army had been opposing patrolling between Finger 5 to Finger 8 of India. The reason for this was that before the month of May, the Chinese army was stationed behind Finger 8 in Sirjap and Khurnak Fort. The area from Finger 8 to Finger 5 was empty. In 1999, when the Indian Army was busy in the Kargil War against Pakistan, the Chinese Army had made a road from Finger 8 to Finger 5. India did not oppose this road of China due to its busy war with Pakistan. Because at that time India was not ready to fight on two fronts. In such a situation, it is assumed that the line of actuarial control passes through the finger 4 and finger 5. But India never gave up its claim until Finger 8.

From the month of May this year, it seems that China wants to move the LAC from finger 4 and 5 to finger 3 and 4. Due to this, there has been tension between the soldiers of both countries since the month of May.

According to the information, during the last Corps Commander level meeting (eighth round meeting), China had proposed to India to withdraw tension from Finger 4, to end the tension. But India has refused to accept this proposal. Because India did this, then the area from Finger 8 to Finger 4 will become part of Aksai-Chin and in future the Chinese Army can take over this area again.

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