After Extradition, Nirav Modi Will Remain In The Jail Of India, May Go On Trial Inspired By Politics | Nirav Modi will remain in this jail of India after extradition, lawyer said

London: Lawyers for Nirav Modi, who are fighting a legal battle against extradition to India, alleged on Tuesday that due to politicization of the case, there is no possibility of a fair trial against their client there and lack of adequate medical facilities in Indian jails. There is also a danger of committing suicide.

Nirav Modi accused in two billion dollar fraud and money laundering case

Fugitive diamond trader Nirav (49) is fighting a case against extradition in Westminster magistrate court in connection with the fraud and money laundering of nearly two billion dollars from Punjab National Bank (PNB).

Nirav Modi will remain in this jail of India

On the second day of Nirav's five-day extradition hearing in court, Judge Samuel Goose looked at the official figures of Indian jails, including the Kovid-19 case at Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai. On extradition, he will be kept in this jail.

Nirav's lawyer, Clare Montgomery, also informed the court of his plan to get the statements of experts during further hearings in the week. These include a former judge of the Supreme Court of India, whose only last name Katju has been mentioned.

Montgomery told the court, “There has been considerable erosion of the integrity of the justice system in India … and the Nirav Modi case has become a political issue with no presumption of innocence.” “

The lawyer said- a 'political need' has arisen in India to prove him guilty.

Montgomery claimed that since the diamond businessman is being viewed with hatred in India, a tremendous political need has arisen to condemn and see him proved guilty. He said that other defense witnesses have also mentioned the decline in the 'norms of behavior' of the investigating agencies, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

Nirav Modi is struggling with depression

The court was informed about the significant decline in Nirav's mental health at Wandsworth Jail in south west London. Montgomery said, “Depression is increasing in him and the latest assessment has shown that if he is not treated properly, he will have to be hospitalized”. He said that here or there, the risk of his suicide is. He also said that there is a complete lack of psychiatric help in Indian jails.

Montgomery said, “… given his mental condition and the threat of Kovid-19, the assurance of putting him in human conditions (of the Indian government) and the jail video seems completely inadequate.” “

Nirav's legal team has also hinted at a plan to get the testimony of an expert at Arthur Road Jail in May as part of an effort to respond to the Indian government's claims of curbing the spread of Kovid-19.

Nirav Modi was arrested on March 19 last year

A decision in the extradition case is expected later this year. The final hearing is scheduled from December 1. Nirav tried several times for bail in previous years but every time his request was rejected due to the possibility of his absconding. Nirav was arrested on 19 March last year by the London Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard, serving an extradition warrant.
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