2 + 2 Dialogue, What Is Beca Agreement Between India And United States, Explained ANN

new Delhi: For the 2 + 2 dialogue between India and America, the Defense Minister and Foreign Minister of India will meet the Defense Minister and the Foreign Minister of America. US Defense Minister Mark Asper and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo have reached India for this meeting. A formal meeting has already been held between the leaders of the two countries tomorrow.

Today there will be a big agreement on military cooperation during the 2 + 2 dialog. Today India and America are going to make many agreements during two plus two talks. These agreements will strengthen India's military strength. There is going to be an agreement between India and the US on the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement.

What is a BECA Agreement? What will be the benefit out of this?

During the 2 + 2 dialogue, all eyes are set on this BECA agreement to be held between India and America. BECA means Basic Exchange Cooperation Agreement for Geospatial Cooperation. Under this agreement, India will be able to use geo-strategic maps, satellite imagery, and other classified data of the US.

The agreement will help India to precisely target drone attacks, including cruise and ballistic missiles. With this agreement, India will be able to access geo-strategic map, satellite imagery and other classified data of the US.

Under BECA, along with geo-spatial maps, the US aeronautic and navigation charts can also be used. Apart from this, the geo-magnetic, geo-physical and gravitational data of America will also be shared with India under this agreement. This agreement will help India to accurately target drone attacks including cruise and ballistic missiles. Also, navigation in the Pacific Ocean will help.

Modi government has already signed two more major military agreements with America

Let us know that the Modi government has already signed two more big military agreements with America. The first is Limoa ie Logistic Exchange Memorandum of Agreement, under which both countries can use each other's military base. The second one is Comkasa ie Communication Compatibility and Security Agreement.

The defense ministers of both countries met on Monday

On Monday, Minister Rajnath Singh and US Defense Secretary (Minister) Mark Asper met in the capital Delhi. After this meeting, the Ministry of Defense issued a statement and informed about the BECA agreement. US Secretary of Defense and Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo is in India for a two-plus two-day visit. Today the Defense and Foreign Ministers of the two countries will meet together. At the same time BECA for Geo Spatial Cooperation will be signed.

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