11 Indian Companies in Hurun Global 500 By Value See List Here

Hurun global 500: 11 companies of India have also made a place in the list of 500 most valuable companies of the world. India ranks 10th in the CountryWise chart. The value of 11 Indian companies making a place in the Hurun Global 500 grew 14 percent last year. Their value has increased to $ 805 billion. This is about a third of India's GDP.

According to Hurun Global 500 report, except ITC and ICICI Bank, the valuation of the rest of the companies included in the list has increased during the Corona epidemic in the year 2020. Reliance Industries is at the top of these Indian companies. On December 1, the value of the company jumped 20.5 percent to $ 168.8 billion. Reliance Industries is at 54th position in the global list.

Status of other Indian companies

The value of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) grew by 30 per cent to $ 139 billion during the year. The company was 73rd in the Global List and the second most valuable company in India. While HDFC Bank grew by 11.5 percent to $ 107.5 billion, Hindustan Lever's value rose 3.3 percent to $ 68.2 billion. Infosys value rose 56.6 percent to $ 66 billion, while HDFC Ltd. Grew by 2.1 percent to $ 56.4 billion. Kotak Mahindra Bank gained 16.8 per cent to $ 50.6 billion in value.

ICICI Bank's value declined by 0.5 per cent to $ 45.6 billion. In this sense, the company is ranked 316th in the list. While the value of ITC has come down by 22 percent to $ 32.6 billion and it is at 480th position in the list.

Most valuable companies in the world

In this list of 500 companies, Apple is on top with a value of 2100 billion dollars. In second place is Microsoft with $ 1600 billion. American has the highest number of 242 companies in the list, while 51 companies from China and 30 companies from Japan are included.

In the public sector, the country's largest bank SBI has managed to make a place in the list of 45 companies. The bank is ranked last with a value of $ 33 billion. There are 239 companies in this list whose headquarters are outside India but they work in India.

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